Speedos on Waikiki

I found these foto the other day of Waikiki beach in Hawaii and all of them are guys in speedos.  I have only been to Waikiki once and it was when I was growing up.  I wonder how old these pics are or if they are new – I couldn’t find out from the site.

Tell you what though – lying on the beach in a pair of speedos under the sun sounds pretty nice to me right now.

Waikiki Beach
Speedos on Waikiki
Speedos on the beach
Speedos in Hawaii

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6 comments on “Speedos on Waikiki
  1. Rod says:

    I’d say the pics were from the late eighties from the haircuts and white
    rimmed sunglasses in the third photo. Love the guy in the second pic.
    He’s cute and has a nice package.

  2. Dave Evans says:

    I’m with you on this one Rod – they do look very 80’s.


  3. Anonymous says:

    3rd photo for sure *drools* i’d go him in a second! closely followed by the last photo.

  4. DonPato says:

    Great job with the speedos on Waikiki beach. I liked the red one a lot. Waikiki generally is not a hot spot for speedos.
    Australia and Europe is like a gold mine. lover the black little speedos on hot European guys.


  5. Jon says:

    Just a quick note for anyone who may travel to Hawaii…Those pictures are taken at one of the two gay areas on Waikiki Beach. These shots are at the Beach by the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (huge, old, and pepto bismal pink hotel). The other area…frequented more, is Queens Surf Beach at the end of Waikiki, near the World War I Natatoreum/Kapiolani Park. More guys go the Queens surf, but the proof is in the pics…I would walk from one to theother and see where the boys were hotter…then lay down my towels.

    Great Site Dave…

  6. josechu says:

    que pena no se arena

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