Speedos score in Canberra

Right now I’m sitting in a very nice hotel room in Canberra (I can even see the top of Parliment House).

A buddy of mine who I met in Canada snowboarding lives here and I got an email from him late yesterday saying he was having a big night out and that I should jump on a bus and head over for the weekend.

Why not – I’ve got another couple of days in Australia before I return to New Zealand and it isn’t exactly beach weather.  The bus took ages but I got here all OK.  I booked myself into a nice hotel for 2 nights – not that expensive but very nice indeed.  My mate recommended the hotel because it is close to the pub where we partied last night.

This is only going to be a quick post but I’ll try and tell you guys what happened.  My mate is str8 and he thinks I am too.  He has a girlfriend and she had lots of girlfriends so the two of them were having fun trying to set me up.  It did work and I took home this cute brunette.  We both had a bit to drink and she gave some amazing head…. it was fun.  She had some kind of training to go to early this morning which was even better and now I’ve got the day to myself.

You guys will be proud that I wore my black speedos under my jeans and the girl (I can’t mention her name here that would be nasty) said that she loved guys who wore speedos.

I’m loving being back in Australia I tell you boys!!!

I’m back on the coast tomorrow is anyone else wants to suck my cock in the dunes.

Black speedo
Black speedo photo

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4 comments on “Speedos score in Canberra
  1. Dan says:

    Dave, if you make it up to the Gold Coast or Northern NSW I’ll gladly volunteer for some dune work 😉

  2. speedosrcool says:

    hey dave…all sounds great what u been getting up to….shame ur not coming up ot brissie as lkng after a friends house this weekend and going to ahve a few speedo bois over….loved to ahve ahd u there…cheers mate tommo

  3. CanberraSpeedo says:

    Oh damn I only just saw your post! I was busy Friday night anyway at a gay short film screening in Civic.

  4. jayson says:

    agh…I would have enjoyed your company here in canberra…what pub you end up going 2?

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