Speedos that Enhance

There are a few speedos out there that try and enhance your bulge.

AussieBum have their wonderjock which is a sleeve inside the speedo that lifts your nuts up, I’ve had these speedos and they definitely enhance your junk but I found them to be a bit uncomfortable if worn for a long time.  And since I wear speedos as underwear pretty much all of the time I don’t wear them very often.

There are other ideas I’ve seen using more of a cock and ball ring built into the speedo.  I like this a little more.

Or you can just wear a cock and ball ring which I find has the best results.  I don’t get the chance to wear speedos as a fashion statement too much so it really isn’t something I think too much about but it is nice to have the option.  What have you guys found to be the best ‘enhancement’ device?

You could just go old fashioned like this guy and use the style to enhance.

Speedo Bulge

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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4 comments on “Speedos that Enhance
  1. Anonymous says:

    Dave Evans: I wounld like to be apart of your sex life wounld you like to meet or go out. I know i wounld

  2. archie says:

    check out Andrew Christian’s swimwear.

  3. Dave Evans says:


    What system does Andrew Christian use?


  4. Walt says:

    Another thought on AussieBums…If they pull on your ball sack, you are wearing them too high…I think a little, or total, grooming may be necessary to wear them low so they are comfortable. Of course, being made to be worn low, one is often exposing a bit of ass cleavage….but we only live once..go for it…

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