Spontaneous Erection at the Pool

Spontaneous erections and ejaculations came up on the SpeedoForum.org in a discussion and it got me thinking about a day at the pool last week which I meant to tell you guys about.

While I have never had a spontaneous ejaculation, I do get uncontrolled/intended erections in speedos.

Last week I went to the pool and had arranged with the Married Guy to maybe hook up afterward in the change rooms. I got there early and usually I just wear shorts over my speedos and leave them near the edge of the pool but it was kind of drizzling rain so I went into the change rooms which are a little walk from the pool.

There was a few people in the pool but otherwise no one around. I pulled down my jeans, I was wearing my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos under them. Grabbed my goggles and started walking to the pool.

My the time I walked the 50m from when I took my jeans off to the edge of the pool, I was 90% erect!!! Just the feeling of being outdoor in speedos, the feeling of being out in the open wearing very little is such a turn on for me. I didn’t waste anytime getting the water and as soon as I started swimming my cock calmed down a little bit.

However, after swimming for nearly an hour the Married Guy and I walked back to the change rooms, he had a towel, I had nothing. On the walk back I was hard again despite being a little cool. But that was knowing what he and I were about to do in the change rooms.

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Blowing the Married Guy

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2 comments on “Spontaneous Erection at the Pool
  1. Tiffani Lyn Love says:

    The beauty of a speedo: when your throbbing cock plays peek-a-boo!
    xoxo Tiffani <3

  2. Eric says:

    Had to race to the water and stay in many times to hide a hard cock or make it go down. Got to the point where I only wear speedos to beaches where I know a hard cock is not going to offend – secluded beaches if you know what I mean. Nice pick of Kevin Warhol – hot guy hot cock.

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