Sunday night here

Yo yo yo – hope everyone had a good weekend. Sitting around and Mr. Deeds has just come on TV so checking some work stuff.

Mine weekend was pretty good – hooked up with Adam on Saturday afternoon. I told him about Sandra (chick that I got with last weekend) – he sounds pretty keen to have some threesome sandwich action with her and me.

Adam told me that he has only been with 1 chick in his life and she wasn’t any good. I think fucking Sandra’s arse might at least give him a good story. I have to admit – all day today I have been thinking about a threesome between the three of us. I think position wise I think me in the middle would be pretty sweet – Adam fucking my arse and me fucking Sandra (her arse or pussy – I don’t mind).

Well sorry for not writing anything more horny I suppose but I will next week I promise.

Which reminds me – I should get Sandra’s email/fone number and drop her a line.

Don’t worry guys – I still way prefer guys.

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