Swim Teams New Uniforms

The latest Movie of the Week encompasses many fantasies of mine and even an experience I had once.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a swim team and have a new uniform inspection at the beginning of the season?  And at that uniform try on session, the coach ends up touching the front of your new red speedos so much that you get an erection in front of the entire team.  Your team mates also get erections in their matching red speedos and everyone just starts fooling around.  Finishing up with the entire team unloading (bukkake style) on the coach.

Or… would you prefer to be the coach and have a team of hot young guys in red speedos letting you play with them?

For the public, here is a little sample from the full 26 minute movie.  If you’ve been thinking of joining… I think this video is worth the $5.

Do you like the speedos these guys are wearing?  Click here for the online store that sells this exact speedo for US$12.

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