SwimmerSexuality.com is a site that I run.  It is a forum where guys who love speedos can post photos, ask questions and just a place to generally discuss speedos.

Because of your support (in being a member of SwimmerBoyz.com I hope) I am able to run this site for free.

If you haven’t been over there – you should check it out – www.SwimmerSexuality.com – it is free to register and there is a great bunch of regular guys on the forum.

Kip and I have just done a bit of a refresh of it.  I know in the past some people have had troubles registering with authorisation emails getting blocked etc and we’ve had a really good look at this and also cleaned out all the inactive members.  So if you had trouble in the past might be worth having another look.

Well Kip will be here in about an hour so I better go do some stretches – hehehe.

These are the new AussieBum lycra speedos that I bought a little while back – they have a nice low cut although they have the seam down the middle like the speedo solar which I’m not that big a fan of.  The lycra is really nice though.


I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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2 comments on “SwimmerSexuality.com
  1. T419 says:

    mmm…. Matt Wilson *Drooling*

    How are those speedos Dave? I think they’ll be my next pair.

  2. MOsatyr says:

    I know nothing aboutthe construction of speedos, but that body is constructed with awesome care!! Very hot man. I’d love to take that speedo off of him!!

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