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Red Speedo Cuties

Happy Independence day to all of my American mates.  All year when ever I see pics of guys wearing the stars and stripes speedos I thing “That will be great for ath of July gallery” and then I just post

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Happy July 4th

I hope those of you in the US are enjoying your 4th of July (kind of like our Australia Day).  As you read this I’m still on Lake Powell but I prepared this blog post for you guys. Here is

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Who is speedo’ing it up on July 4th?

Is anyone getting their speedo on in the US for Independence Day? I hear there is a storm heading up the east coast but Kip tells me that the weather in the Colorado Rockies is gorgeous and he is getting

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American Anti-Speedo’ism

I really don’t get it guys.  Today I went for a swim around lunch time and as usual I was the only guy wearing a speedo.  There was a lot of lap swimmers, enough that I had to share a

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Speedo Independence Day

American Speedo

Not sure what Kip and I are going to do today for Independence Day. There is a bit of snowboarding to be had up at the “4th of July Bowl” – which is thus name because there is usually snow

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