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Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

While I feel this is a stand alone sexual experience, there was a first chapter/phase/preface where the Married Guy met me at the local pool.  If you haven’t read that part, I think you might enjoy it.  You can find

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Alex has been tied up before

Obviously, I am excited about my threesome with Alex and his boyfriend on Wednesday night.  There is something to be said about anticipation….. It did get me thinking, I’ve tied up Alex before and after looking through the stories archive

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While I haven’t been short of ‘naughty’ action lately, I have been hanging out with the Married Guy a bit it has been months and months since I last topped. The Married Guy doesn’t seem to keen on being fucked

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I offer up my butt to the Married Guy

I have been trying to write the second part of this for months now.  The Married Guy and I have become pretty regular fuck buddies and I have some more experience I want to share with you guys but I

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Married Guy Gave me a Sore Arse

Man have I been busy!!!  Approaching 11pm here and after getting up at 6am this morning, I’ve had maybe an hour off when I ducked down to town for lunch. Good think I love my work and I love you

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