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Speedo Frustration

Yes I am frustrated because darn winter isn’t very accommodating to my speedo fetish – hahaha. What a crazy week.  Kip sold his house in Breckenridge which I got to be a part of, a good friend of mine here

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Hottub Threesome

I know you guys love it when I write about my speedo experiences, it was my first threesome that caused me to start this blog in the first place. Occasionally I have blog fans and SwimmerBoyz.com members send me stories

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Asian Wings

Somehow it came up in conversation that Kip hasn’t got his ‘Asian Wings’ (that is – he has never had sex with an asian guy). I admit it took me a while to get my ‘asian wings’ but I loved

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Speedo Grinding

Totally random post – can 2 guys scissor?  Like the lesbian ‘scissoring’? I would think it is more ‘grindring’. I posted some ‘scissoring’ pics on my bisexual blog, BisexualDave.com last month if any of you guys are interested….. click here.

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Next Speedo Model – Applicant 1

Speedo Model

You guys might know and the members of my site SwimmerBoyz.com know that I’ve got a new photographer working for me and he has been wonderful to work with.  I’m lining up a new shoot next month which I’m really

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