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Sunday Barbie

Today (actually it was last week and I wrote about it but forgot to hit PUBLISH), I caught up with Alex and his boyfriend (for those new here, Alex was a str8 guy that I converted over a couple of

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Tough Weekend

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was tough, it started Friday afternoon, I went for a swim with the Married Guy but we didn’t get to fool around.  A friend of mine saw my car at the pool so I had

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Sunday Morning Surf

Quick blog post before the boys get here for our usual Sunday morning surf.  I think Alex is coming today as well which is great, he doesn’t usually come on the Sunday morning surf.  It is supposed to be a

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Afternoon Jerk Off Session

I feel like I should share with you guys what I got up to yesterday afternoon….. It was around lunch time, I was just working away and I received an email from a long time member of SpeedoFetish.com, who was

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Busy Week/Weekend

I’ve had a fun but busy week work wise here – I’m sure something the members are enjoying with a bunch of new movies. I’m up early (it is Sunday morning here) and going for a morning surf with the

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