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Friday at the Beach

Yesterday (Friday) was a gorgeous day, one of the classic Australian East Coast summer days.  About 20C, no wind and not a cloud in the sky. After doing some work I decided to head up to Birdie Beach (nude beach

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I can feel a threesome cumming on…..

Today I’m excited…. why?  Because I have a feeling, a feeling that is growing in my speedos every time I think about it, that I will be having a threesome tonight with Alex and his ‘boyfriend’.  I received a text

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Kip’s Present

I just spoke to Kip on Skype (we pretty much talk every day even with the time difference) and he was super excited to receive some new speedos, square cuts and jockstrap from the guys over at Mensuas.com.  The US

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  I was sitting around last night with some of the lads having  quiet Thursday night drink and the question came up – how did you loose your virginity? My answer was relating to my str8 virginity which I lost

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Alex and Adam running on the beach

Quick blog post before I go to bed.  I saw Alex and Adam running on the beach late this afternoon at dusk.  They ran right past my place…. Alex told me they would be running past. Just as Alex described,

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