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Blue Speedo Cutie

How cute does this guy look in his blue speedo? Nothing much to report, just been busy and I was pretty disappointed with the response to be previous post so I’ve been hanging out online with members and have a

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Blue Speedos

What do you guys think about blue speedos? For me; Black speedos are a dime a dozen, everyone has a pair of them even if they don’t like speedos. Red is for guys who like to show off when wearing

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Too Big for my Speedos

Bit of a grey old day here in London so I’m kinda just working. I’m spending a couple of days with some friends and sleeping on the couch.  Great times and lots of laughs. This morning they got up early

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Movie of the Week Update

Of course the ‘Movies of the Week‘ feature lots of speedo porn but this weeks movie has a bit of everything….. Making Out Sucking Cock Rimming Anal Cumshot Facial I hope you guys don’t mind this…… Here is a 4

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Good Morning from San Francisco

Good morning everyone, I’m sitting here in San Francisco, just cleared all that customs stuff and I’m waiting for my connection to Denver. It is definitely a little bit cooler than when I left Sydney 18 hours ago. I still

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