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The topic of escorts came up the other day when I was golfing with some old mates of mine and it got me wondering…. have any of you guys paid for sexual services of a guy or girl? I haven’t

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How many of you guys have heard of the term ‘coed’?  This is something I heard when in Colorado but it is not a term I’ve ever heard used before. I’m pretty sure it means a chick in uni (college as

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Speedo Students 1st Cock

You guys know how much I love Hawaii Speedo Student.  He is just gorgeous, love his speedos and is just a cutie. He is actually a member of the Speedo Forum (www.SpeedoForum.org) which is pretty cool.  I’ve spoken with him

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College Swim Team Guys

I was never on a swim team growing up but looking at this swim team I really wish I was. Does anyone know what college/university this is? I can’t imagine not getting a boner hanging out with those guys in

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Hawaii Speedo Student

You guys know that I love Monday’s!!!! I was up early this morning, went down to the rec center for a swim and got home and stuck into some work.  I don’t know what it is but Monday feels like

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