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I’ve been super busy since I got back to Australia, just usual house keeping stuff.  However, on Friday evening Alex and his boyfriend invited me over to their place. They have been reading about my adventures in Colorado and wanted

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Tied up and interrupted

Did you guys enjoy reading about me being tied up for Alex in the previous post?  I enjoyed it when it happened and I enjoyed writing it for you guys. I really get turned on recollecting my experiences and getting

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Hotel Lifeguard

I’m sure most of have spent time in hotels and when I choose a hotel I always try and find one with a pool and sauna. So far, I have to admit I’ve never had a random hookup with hotel

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Speedo Sam

Kip and I are off to ride Vail today, I love Vail!!!!  Maybe I can find myself a sugar Momma or a sugar Daddy – hehehehe.  I don’t want to leave you guys hanging on a Monday morning though so

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First Speedo Purchase

On yesterday’s post (which I thought was really hot), Evilotto77 (who is a consistent comment poster) requested that I post some more stories. So here is a story that I added to my site SwimmerBoyz.com last week – there are

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