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Tied up and waiting

I like being tied up in speedos, I like tying other people up in speedos.  I think this comes from some of my very first sexual experiences where a friend and I would get horny, watch porn together and fool

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Holy Batman, Robin is Tied Up

What would you do if you had Robin all tied up? This reminds me of the experience I wrote about a month or so ago about being tied up for Alex. Click here to read about what really happened. Click

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Alex and I get Caught

I’ve had a couple of guest authors lately and it has been a fun change up. Here is something that Alex wrote of a pretty wild experience we had. OK guys, the infamous Dave Speedo Evans has asked me to

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I’m tied up

Today I am going to be tied up in my speedos. After playing with Alex last Sunday and having him tied up, I have been fantasizing all week about being tied up myself.  Alex has been out of town with

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Tied up in speedos

Last night Jaime (girl from those of you who are new here) came over and since I tied her up last weekend, it was now my turn. She made me strip down to my speedo, handcuffed my hands to my

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