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Birdie Beach + Kip + Stranger

Finally I got this story down on paper (well not really paper I suppose). Last Friday Kip and I wanted to make the most of what I’m going to consider the first real day of summer.  We headed up to

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Peeling off Alex’s Speedo

Last Friday I meant to tell you guys just how much of a cock tease Alex was at the pool. For the first time, he stretched before getting in the pool and he was only wearing a pair of black

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Next Speedo Model – Applicant 1

Speedo Model

You guys might know and the members of my site SwimmerBoyz.com know that I’ve got a new photographer working for me and he has been wonderful to work with.  I’m lining up a new shoot next month which I’m really

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I mentioned in yesterday’s, post that I might SMS Mr. Big Cock and see if he wanted to come around and plow my arse. Well I asked, and he did. Here is a copy of our correspondence….. Want to plow

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