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New Foursome Position

Friday night came along, I had some offers from friends to catch up which I had to decline because playing with Alex and Adam was a priority.  I was horny all day so in the afternoon I went for a

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Making out in Speedos

Yesterday I described how I was making out with a guy right in front of his girlfriend…. she loves it, I loved it and he loved it. There is something amazingly hot about making out with a guy in speedos,

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I kissed a girl and a boy

The barbie (Aussie slang for BBQ/grilling) last night went great.  Being the host I started off being well behaved and it paid off later in the night when I was still able to stand and the last one to bed.

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Why can’t guys kiss?

A few of the boys came around for a drink yesterday afternoon and it was gorgeous sitting in the back yard…. I really can’t wait for summer. Later that evening Surfer Chick came over and we had a few drinks

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No sex on the beach…. yet

I forgot to tell you guys how my strip chess hookup went, well I forgot to tell you because it didn’t happen. The guy pulled out (hehe) at the last minute due to other commitments but is still keen so

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