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Darn I’m Horny

Do you guys ever just get really really horny? I woke up this morning and had a raging boner.  I jerked off once.  Then ten minutes later I jerked off again. I fell back asleep… and then I woke up

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Do guys ever have a day when you are just super horny? Today is one of those days for me.  Last night Alex came around but some other mates were hanging out so we couldn’t fuck.  I was really looking

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Packing your Package

How do you package, your package? Personally, I am and up and to the right kind of guy.  I am right handed and I have found that this has stopped my cock getting that left bend that I have seen

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Luke, Sans-Speedo

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos of Luke on Monday…. I received an email back from Luke and he is great, he loved that I posted his pics again and said he remembers those times fondly.  Luke graduated from

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I’m Horny Today

I am really horny today for some reason….. Do you guys ever get days when you are just super horny all day?  I’ve jerked off 3 times already and as I type this blog post, the front of my red

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