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Speedo Twins?

I started writing yesterdays blog post because I had these photos and I’m not sure if it is twins or just a mirror – any ideas? It is funny how often that happens, I sit down to write a blog

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Another Photo Shoot

In the last week or so I’ve been posting some pics from different model shoots.  There was: Scowling Red Speedo Guy Hawaii Speedo Student Smiling Blowjob Couple Hot in Boardies/Hotter in Speedos Guy Brenton’s Sydney Speedo Guy I promise this

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Speedo Model Shoot

This week working on my line of DE Swimwear is on my list of things to do.  It is moving forward although a little slower than I would like. When I see photo shoots like the pics in this post

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Aqux Speedos

I saw this pic below the other day and it looks a lot like those Aqux speedos that I’ve had. They were modelled and the entire gallery is over on SwimmerBoyz.com (click here for the gallery). The speedos pictured below

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Modelling my DE Swimwear

Nick - Swimwear Model

I am progressing ahead with my line of DE Swimwear and I’ll keep you guys up to date on the progress.  I still have some of my first product run available (only in size large) and I’m giving them away

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