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Speedos or Nude

It goes without saying that I prefer guys wearing speedos over wearing dork shorts…… But what about speedos vs nude?  Personally, I like the guy in the white speedos a little more… although that cock is just asking me to

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Covered in Cum

Guess who just walked in the door (it is after 11pm on a Friday night) covered in cum and smelling of man sex? Me of course – hahaha. Alex’s ‘boyfriend’ Adam hosted a sex party at his place tonight and

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Gay Rugby

When I was in high school I was pretty much expected to play rugby union and I was horrible.  I think I made the D team and one week they had an E team and I was dropped down to

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No Tan Lines

My speedo tan is taking shape and last week I posted a photo of an amazing frontal g-string tan. Today I’m a touch hungover, nothing a swim in the surf won’t help so I thought I’d post some pics of

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Speedos Gone

Yesterday I posted some really hot pics of guys struggling to keep their cocks in their speedos….. looks like this guy gave up trying. Snowing today and I’m up early for first chair at Big White. Hottub and some naughty action

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