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A little too Cheeky

Little bit overcast this morning but I was up early for a surf with the boys.  Still wearing wetsuits but the water is warming up and if I go for a surf this afternoon will only be in shorts (if

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I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I get a craving for sucking cock – normally it is a few days after sucking a lot of cock. I get a craving for having my arse fucked as well…. today

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I mentioned in yesterday’s, post that I might SMS Mr. Big Cock and see if he wanted to come around and plow my arse. Well I asked, and he did. Here is a copy of our correspondence….. Want to plow

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Mike the Snowboard Instructor

This morning woke up after a nice sleep in and what I found in my inbox was a wonderful surprise!!! It was an email from Mike the Snowboard Instructor.  For those of you who haven’t been reading this blog that

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Pool Sex

It is a warm day here and the complex that I live in has a swimming pool (although I don’t really use it since I’m close enuf to the ocean). There is no privacy at my pool either which is

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