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Tied up and waiting

I like being tied up in speedos, I like tying other people up in speedos.  I think this comes from some of my very first sexual experiences where a friend and I would get horny, watch porn together and fool

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From behind the blindfold

For those of you who aren’t members, yesterdays story was unbelievably hot. It was written by Alex and I added some notes at the end which I thought I could share with everyone. I counted down from three hundred, just

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Alex and I get Caught

I’ve had a couple of guest authors lately and it has been a fun change up. Here is something that Alex wrote of a pretty wild experience we had. OK guys, the infamous Dave Speedo Evans has asked me to

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Threesome with Alex’s Boyfriend

I’ve been wanting to tell you guys more about Alex’s boyfriend but as you can tell from yesterday’s blog post, I’ve been busy adding more movies. Right now I’m going to sit down and tell you guys what has been

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Kip’s Plans for Me

Sorry for missing a few days of posting, just been busy here and there is a long weekend coming up here in the US which I had forgotten about so I’ll have a nice quiet weekend in front of the

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