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Interesting White Speedo

For those of you who are long time followers/fans, you’ll know I’ve had several attempts at creating my own line of speedos.  This is kind of like my site SpeedoFetish.com, it is as much a selfish thing for my own

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See Through Swimsuits

I have some white speedos that are see through when wet.  The most notable being my AussieBum Coolabah’s which I did get the courage to wear to the pool lap swimming once…. they are super see through. I hadn’t really

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Free DE Swimwear

A little over a week and I’ll be swapping the snow of Colorado for the beaches of Australia.  Speedos on the beach instead of speedos in the hottub sounds like fun. Before I leave I want to have one last

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Working on the tan…

Today is another gorgeous day….. this is the reason I moved here. I’m going to go for a walk down the beach, find somewhere private, read a work and work on my speedo tan.  Anyone want to put on their

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White Speedos

Yesterday was red speedos so why not make it white speedos today. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have the new sample for my white DE Swimwear speedos.  They are spank brand and I love them!!! 

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