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Locker Room Fun

I have had some fun times in the locker room/change rooms at different pools over the years. You can read about those times if you like: Caught with my cock in my hand Being ‘interrupted’ by Kieran I also have

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T’was Sex Before Xmas

New week and I’ve got some naughty business planned which hopefully will happen and if it does I will happy share the juicy details with you guys. The Married Guy texted me over the weekend saying he wanted to fool

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Being Watched by Tom

Writing about what Alex, Tom and I got up to a couple of weekends ago has taken me longer than I had hoped but when I get into writing about it, I end up getting horny and then I end

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Hottub, Scotch, Sex Routine

Staying at Kip’s our usual routine is to get into the hottub about 5pm, it is just getting dark here then and that is our first adult beverage for the day (otherwise we might start drinking at midday).  The last

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I need a fuck

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week or so guys.  With Xmas things are crazy, town is busy and I’ve got a mate from Sydney crashing on my couch.  Nothing naughty, a completely str8 guy so I

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