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Ruining My Speedos

I just got back from Colorado and had a great time with Kip (yes, there was lots of speedo/hottub sex). It is a long trip home.  While I was on the train headed from Sydney up to the Central Coast

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A Bit Tipsy

I just got back after catching up with some mates at the Beery (aka Beer Garden).  Actually, I saw Alex and his boyfriend out and Alex said that he wants to come over tomorrow (today now), he has some news…..

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Off to the pool…. for a blowjob

It is a grey windy old day here on the coast… grrrr. When I got up and was sipping on my morning coffee looking at the ocean, I was wondering what I am going to do with the day and

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Outdoor Shower Sex

I remember seeing something on TV once about Richard Branson’s island having an outdoor shower, I just tried to find a photo of it and it is actually an outdoor toilet.  Maybe it has a shower with it but I

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Morning Faceshots

Cum Shot

Kip just got a faceshot from me but we both started this morning getting faceshots on our snowboards up at A-Basin. It was a little dust-on-crust but well worth it and I was up early anyway. And Kip and I

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