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Hot Asian Guys

Yesterday I posted some speedo anime, today I’m going to post some speedo selfies of some hot asian guys… real guys, not cartoons. I think Asian guys look amazing in speedos.  My favourite pair of speedos right now are the

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My Speedos Right Now

This is what the front of my ADIDAS speedos look like right now….

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Speedo Licking

This morning I woke to the front of my speedos being licked…… First part of the American chicks three with Alex and I is now online at SwimmerBoyz.com. This first photo was the 24th “Speedo Photo of the Day”, today

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I’m tied up

Today I am going to be tied up in my speedos. After playing with Alex last Sunday and having him tied up, I have been fantasizing all week about being tied up myself.  Alex has been out of town with

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Public Speedo Boners

Have you guys enjoyed this week of movies? In my mind, the best scene is the last but I’m biased because I LOVE threesomes.  I love foursomes more than threesomes and I love moresomes even more than foursomes…. say that

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