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I’m Back Down Under

I wish I could and I wanted to stay with Kip in Colorado but I kinda felt like I needed to get home. It is such a blast hanging out with Kip, we get so much work done, we hang

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Speedo Hunks

Twinks were the flavour of the day yesterday, and today it is more speedo hunks. Man these guys are hot!!!

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Lifeguards in Speedos

Winter is fast approaching here (one of the ski areas nearby is opening on Sunday) and the weather in Aussie is starting to feel like summer….. I need more summer and speedos!!! Something exciting is happening though – next weekend

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Wearing Black Speedos

Despite all the speedos and underwear that Kip and I own – and we own a bunch – 80% of the time we wear a solid black speedo. Both of us wear speedos as underwear so we wear them all

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Blue Speedos

It is a rainy old day here on coast and there isn’t much to do at all. I knew it was going to be raining today so I enjoyed lying in bed last night reading – I wasn’t concerned about

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