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Aussie Speedo Boys

While I loved my time in Breckenridge, it is great to be back on the beach and waking up to the sounds of the ocean!!!  I’m not sure if I could ever live too far from the ocean but that

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Julio love ADIDAS Speedos

Julio, pictured below, has been a fan of this blog for years and finally decided to submit some of his own speedo photos.  He looks a lot younger than his 27 years and living in Brazil I’m sure he gets

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New York Speedo Model

Last week I posted pics of one of my first amateur models and here is another one to feast your eyes on guys. Who ever said that American guys don’t like wearing speedos? Check out Adam here showing off his

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Underwear or Speedos?

Are these speedos or underwear? It would be awesome if I saw these on the beach but I’d be more than happy taking a guy home, pulling his jeans down and seeing these!!!

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Speedo Model Lance

Today I was just going over my site SwimmerBoyz.com and it is amazing how many different photo shoots and movies are in there.  I did start SwimmerBoyz.com in March 2001 – holy cow that is a long time ago.  Fair

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