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Wintery Day – Still Speedo Friendly

It is a cold wintery kind of day here on the eastern Australia coast, not much happening but I have the fireplace on (it gets used maybe 4 times a year and is completely not necessary), but I cranked it

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Speedo Pat Down

I mentioned it briefly the other day that a friend of mine got in a bit of trouble with the law.  It isn’t too bad, he just drank a little too much and made some bad choices.  Nobody got hurt

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Morning Wood

This is what I woke up to this morning. These speedos are the only pair of CockSox I’ve ever owned.  They are very skimpy, no drawstring and they have that weird cock sock in the front.  It looks awesome when

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Classic Black Speedos

A collection of selfies of guys wearing black speedos…. Some are just random, some have been sent to me by fans, some are members of this site and there might even be some of me snuck in there. Please feel

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Grindr Speedo Hookup

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that Grindr has been a pretty good tool for me over the years getting hookups. I do not have any affiliation with Grindr (although they are welcome

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