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Speedo Endurance

The Speedo Endurance is a classic speedo.  I’ve owned half a dozen of them over the years and it is probably the speedo I’ve worn most while swim training.  They are made of a more durable material than lycra and

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Square Cut Speedos

It has been too long since I posted but I did give you guys a lot to digest and read with two fantastic stories. The weather has been pretty crappy the last week with the remains of the cyclone, it

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Alex’s Red Speedos

Alex and I didn’t see Mr. Red Speedos yesterday but it was great to see Alex in his red speedo brand speedos. He looked awesome in them!!! Since we are both a bit hot and horny as a result of

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Speedos are Better

Continuing on yesterdays theme of speedos vs all other forms of swimwear. The guys in speedos in these pics look WAY BETTER don’t you think? I’ve raised the issue before about square cuts perhaps being a good thing because they

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Purple Speedos

I’ve never owned, worn or ever seen a pair of purple speedos in the flesh. I was thinking of buying some purple AussieBum club as a fun/funky speedo but I think I’m going to go with one of the cartoon

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