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Speedo Tanning

This is how I want to spend my day…. topping up my speedo tan.  Will the London weather co-operate? I didn’t go to the pool this morning, I assumed it would be too busy.  I was surprised yesterday that the

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Rear Entry Speedo

I like these speedos that rear lace up.  I’d be using them for more of a rear unlacing of course. These would give much more convenient rear access….. would any of you guys wear these? I like this guys speedo

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Smaller Speedo Tan

Today I’m going to have a break from talking about the Married Guy, if you want to read more, you can jump over to SwimmerBoyz.com. Kip has just gotten back from California, I mentioned it to you guys here a

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Beach or Pool

Today I have a bunch of work to do but some of it is paperwork which I could do from the beach… while working on my speedo tan.  Or I could just go to the pool for a swim but

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Working on my tan in Colorado

Let me describe my day today…. woke up at 6am, worked for 2 hours drinking a bunch of coffee, 8am got my snowboarding gear on, 8:30, rode gondola up Breckenridge, 11am, finished snowboarding and got back to Kip’s place.  11:30am,

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