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Locker Room Fun

I have had some fun times in the locker room/change rooms at different pools over the years. You can read about those times if you like: Caught with my cock in my hand Being ‘interrupted’ by Kieran I also have

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Sexual Bucket List

When it comes to my Sexual Bucket List I still have a few things to tick off which I would really love!!! Threesome with two girls. Being the bottom at an orgy – ow yeah I already did that click

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Movie of the Week – Speedo Foursome

Watching four, 18yo guys in the spa (jacuzzi/hottub), in their speedos just fooling around is pretty hot to start with. When they pair off and start making out, that is raising the hotness a fair bit. Peeling down their speedos

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Speedo Foursome (movie)

As I promised yesterday, here are some screen shots of my latest speedo movie. This movie is really, really hot.  Four guys, two couples so no real foursome action but they are all wearing speedos.  Who would have thought, four

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Super hot speedo movie

As I promised yesterday, I have a new movie for you guys to sample (if you aren’t a member, it is only $5…. then you’d be able to watch this too). Tattoo’s are really my think, maybe I’m a few

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