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Classic Speedos

These days I feel that a lot of swimwear companies (ie AussieBum or N2N) are making speedos that are a bit too ‘gay’.  I have to admit that in my current speedo collection there are a lot of speedos that

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Mondays Speedo Colour is….. two colours

Just to change it up I thought this weeks Speedo Colour of the Day is going to be two colours…. on two different guys. These Monday posts are just an excuse for me to post some hot photos that I haven’t

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Public Masturbation

I like this speedo photo here. Today I pretty much just hung out at the beach, very boring and I wish I had someone to play with or someone to play with me.  Would have made things much more interesting.

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Double Penetration

I have to ask you guys a question – double penetration.  Is that just a girl taking two cocks at the same time, ie one guy fucking her and her sucking off another guy OR is it two cocks in

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Bisexual Urges

My friends from San Francisco are arriving today and I am hungover and horny. I’m not sure what those things have in common but it just came out that way. The couple from San Fran are really kewl and I’m

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