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What happens under the water….

Last week I posted a bunch of photos of guys taking selfies under water… here are a bunch of guys fooling around underwater. Does anyone have a pool here in Sydney I could experiment with some underwater speedo footage? I

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Underwater Selfies

While in Colorado Kip and I made up some snowboarding footage.  None of it came out as well as you expect and that “HUGE AIR” ends up not being very huge at all. There were a couple of good powder

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Here are the new movies

Guys, I have been working super hard on these movies the last week and finally I have them and they are yours to feast your eyes on. These are some of the hottest speedo movies I have seen, my personal

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Underwater Speedo Selfie

I think this photo is so cute, not sure why he is wearing sun glasses underwater but it looks like fun.  Kip one of those GoPro cameras so we might have a play with it tonight in Kip’s hottub.  Not

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