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I’m Back Down Under

I wish I could and I wanted to stay with Kip in Colorado but I kinda felt like I needed to get home. It is such a blast hanging out with Kip, we get so much work done, we hang

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I’m up early this Monday after a fun weekend, although my Brisbane Lions were spanked by the Sydney Swans (Aussie Rules Football) last night. Just talking to Kip and he is heading out to California in June and wanted me

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Aussie Day in the USA

The last few years I’ve enjoyed Australia Day while visiting Kip here in Colorado.  There has been some shenanigans in the past (click here to read about what happened last year). This year was pretty quiet, it was was a Thursday

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Welcome to America

I’ve landed in America – I’m writing this post sitting at DIA waiting for my CME shuttle up to Kip’s place. It is nice and warm, I’ve never been to America during summer so it should be fun.

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One Week Left

It is a week until I leave for Colorado for my snowboarding trip with Kip.  For those of you guys who are new, Kip is my server admin and he is the guy that keeps this blog and all my

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