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Too Big for my Speedos

Bit of a grey old day here in London so I’m kinda just working. I’m spending a couple of days with some friends and sleeping on the couch.  Great times and lots of laughs. This morning they got up early

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Speedo Only Day

Just a lazy Sunday here guys, was up reasonably early for a surf with the boys, I wore speedos… under my wetsuit and now I’m just sitting here working.  The boys might come around later today to watch the Lions play

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How do you cum?

How do you jerk off?  I would love for you to share your jerking off method (leave a comment below this post – you don’t have to leave your email if you don’t want to of course). When I first

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Fleshlight Injury

How was everyone’s Xmas? My day was great, pretty low key and just hanging out with my mates family. When I got home after Xmas dinner I did get molested by my flesh light.  For those of you who don’t

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Another Friday fuck session

Looks like Alex is enjoying our naughty speedo time as much as I am. Today, again, he cancelled our pool session for a bedroom session and I didn’t complain. This time Alex told me that he wanted to get me

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