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Aussie Surfers

Sunday morning here and I just got back from a morning surf with the boys.  It is a little cool so everyone wears wetsuits.  I have an outdoor shower so everyone walks up the beach, peels off their wetsuit down

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I’m Back Down Under

I wish I could and I wanted to stay with Kip in Colorado but I kinda felt like I needed to get home. It is such a blast hanging out with Kip, we get so much work done, we hang

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Sunday Speedo Movie

Bit of a grey old day here on the coast, even a little bit chilly.  I did manage a morning surf with the boys and we all wore wetsuits which is a bummer because by now I like to pack

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Friday Barbie

Last night a girl slept in my bed…… And I slept on the couch. A guy that Kip and I fucked in Colorado a few years ago put this chick in touch with me.  She is from New Jersey but

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Not many speedos

Kip has mentioned that he really hasn’t seen many guys in speedos here in Australia. That might be able to change with the temps supposed to get to 30C (86F) on Sunday which will be our first real burst of

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