The Alphabet Game

A while back I was reading the Adult Swingers Diary Blog (I spend an a hour a day at least reading other blogs) and I found that this couple were playing The Alphabet Game.

How it works is for each letter of the alphabet you try and do something sexual that starts with that letter.

So last night Henry, Julie and I were in the hot tub (no nothing naughty to report) and we were talking about different sex games we had played and the Alphabet Game came up in converstaion.  Henry and Amy though it was a great idea and would make us try different positions and locations and combinations!!!!

The game has begun – Will got home late that night from work and we started with A – I’ll tell you what is later on.

You guys are going to have to help me out here so be sure to post some comments – I love it when there are comments.

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2 comments on “The Alphabet Game
  1. Steve says:

    Well Dave, I hope it was the “A” that i’m thinking of. Can’t wait to hear how it turned out. This alphabet game sounds like a good idea to me. You should get your camera out and snap a few pics while your at it.

    Good Luck mate,


  2. DonPato says:

    These two guys look like they are trying to start something like the mile high club. Talk about living dangerously. They must not use a lot of KY and they would just slip a little too far.

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