The final chapter (hottub 3some)

OK guys – finally I’ve got some spare time to finish this story off.

So it is finally time to let us boys (Will and I) unload and I can’t tell you how horny I was and I can only imagine how horny Will was.

This was the first time that Will had been with Julie and it is the first girl that Will had mucked around with since he left home in November.

So I’ve pulled my cock out of Julie’s pussy and I’m lining it up to insert it into her tiny little arsehole. I took my time and slowly pushed it in until the condom covered head was nicely in. With my cock now firmly in Julie’s arse I looked up at what Will was upto. He was in heaven!!!

Julie was working Will cock with her left hand on his waist playing with the waist band of his speedos (which were still on – but pulled down at the front). Her other hand was gripping the base of Will’s cock and her head was crooked to the left which gave me a great view of the base of Will’s cock.

I was enjoying the view with just the head of my cock in Julie when she broke off her blowjob and said “Dave, I really want you to fuck me NOW.”

Guys or girls I love it when I hear that.

I grabbed Julie’s waist with both hands and thrust forward without going slow as I normally would – this girl wants dick I’m going to give it to her. The moan that came out of Julie’s mouth didn’t have a hint of pain in it at all – and Will was starting to show some confidence and he guided Julie back to his cock with hand on the back of her head.

Thrust in, thrust out, thrust in and then I came!!! As I came I burried my cock as deep inside Julie’s arse as I could and I let out a moan. As my cock was still spasming with my orgasm I looked up to see Will throw his head back and moan rather loudly as he unloaded his cum into Julie’s waiting mouth.

Julie took it all and after Will had finished we both pulled our cocks out of Julie’s mouth and arse.

The three of us suck back into the hottub exhausted and Julie commented on how hot it was for her. Will was speachless. About half a minute later one of the guys who works front desk came out into the pool area – Will works with this guy and I could tell Will was feeling uncomfortable (since he and I were just wearing speedos). The guy is pretty kewl and he just said they had a call from one of the guests about people in the pool.

We didn’t have to leave but we had run out of drinks so we told the guy we’d be outta there in a couple of minutes. Once the guy was gone the three of us got out, dried off and headed up to the room.

For another 2 hours we mucked around in our speedos before Julie left for her place. Will nad I stayed the night and I had myself a breakfast blowjob – hehehehe.

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2 comments on “The final chapter (hottub 3some)
  1. mike says:

    great story dave. sounds like you had a fun time šŸ˜‰

  2. Mark says:

    Awww, I was hoping you were gonna get you wish and have Will fuck you. Soon.. hopefully…

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