This friday sucks

Well I haven’t taken off my white speedos yet – of they are hot!!! But I’m about to go for a run so I”ll have to take them off (don’t want to ruin them).

Friday has been pretty boring – nothing exciting at all just boring work stuff and still having some troubles with a credit card processor so I’m still making any money – getting hungry now.

Hmmm – what else is there to day. The weather is turned a little so no blue sky without any clouds (like it has been for nearly 2 weeks now) so hopefully there will be some new snow and I can get up there with my snowboard – although being a weather guru (all skiiers and snowboarders are weather experts – we have to be) I honestly don’t think there will be too much snow in this front – but never fear maybe next week around Wednesday there will be some.

Ow well – at least I’m now pumped to go for a run – talk to you guys later.

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