Time to write about Will

OK guys – I’ve just come in from some riding and I’m going to sit down and write about how I got my roommate Will down to his speedos for some horny fun.

Will moved in at the end of November and we share a room in a 3 bedroom condo. Will is 19yo from Melbourne and plays a fair bit of AFL (Aussie Rules Football). He has just finished his first year of uni and is spending his summer break (yes it is summer now in the southern hemisphere – you can’t believe how many people don’t understand that concept) in Canada for some snowboarding.

So far I think that Will looks up to me. I ended up shagging this ski instructor chick that I knew from last year and Will thinks she is hot. And since this is my second season of snowboarding I’ve been able to help Will out with his riding and show him around. I’ve also taken him to different parties and stuff so he has gotten to know a few people in town.

But, Will hasn’t shown any inkling of being keen on some speedo play. I have seen a pair of black speedos in his gear and he does wear them under his boardies but I haven’t had the chance until now to get a good look at him wearing them.

So Sunday night I was invited to a birthday party for a guy I knew from last year. Will and 2 of my other housemates came along. Julie (the chick I have been rooting since Xmas or so was there and I tried to avoid her). Will had a few to drink and was feeling the effects a little and he was talking to Julie. That is when I had the idea to maybe get a 3some going with Julie, Will and myself.

This worked on New Years (you guys have read that story haven’t you?) and I had a great time with Dean. I knew Julie would be up for it.

With this change in heart, I ceased trying to avoid Julie and got in there with her and Will. There were some other instructors that Julie works with around and the conversation rolled along. Will was having a ball hanging out with these guys (he works as a kitchen hand so he sees the instructors as being pretty kewl).

The drinks flow for everyone but I had a huge night the one before so I’m going slower than usual and keeping my head.

Midnight comes around and the crowd lightens with people who are working tomorrow heading home. Then Julie comes over and sits on my lap and with a kiss tells me she is outta there as she had some work training at 7am. Being a gentleman I offered to walk her back (it is a 10 minute was back to the village). We got up and I told Will that we were heading back – Will said that he was ready to go home as well…. so far everything was working out.

When we got to our condo (we have to walk past it before Julie’s place) I asked Julie if she wanted to come in. She said she had to get to work and better get home. Darn!!! Nothing I could really do about it though – we said our goodnights and Will and I went inside.

Will didn’t have to start work till later in the day so we had another couple of drinks and turned on a snowboarding movie.

It is 1:30pm here and I’ve got some updates to do on ‘my site’ so I’ll leave you with all the previous posts that I’ve found.


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5 comments on “Time to write about Will
  1. adam says:

    Hi Dave,

    Good story lets see what happens at the end.
    You shounld of had me there in my yellow addias speedos
    and my speedo tanned wounld of heated things up for sure.
    Any how thanks for having the time to talk to me on msn
    dave, and about aussie bums Finally know what they are.
    I am going to melbourne for some of the commwealth games
    especially diving,swimming,gym, next month.
    Anyhow keep the good work up on your site.
    YOU are a awesome GUY and i respect you for the hard work you put into all of this.
    ps off to the beach hehehe.Got to keep that tan up

  2. tommosports@hotmail.com says:

    Hey Dave…great start to the story and been waiting to see when you would get Will into his speedos…be great if you could finish it on here for us devoted Blog guys here…love to know how this unfolded so please please please finish it here hehehe….Cool to see that Adam is heading off for the Commonwealth Games..wish I was going to be there but am in Rome….cheers man and hope your trip was good up the mountain…cheers Tommo

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want to hear about Will in speedos! I hope you made some major memories!

  4. ten and cut says:

    my speedo is bulging waiting to hear how you got will in and hten out of his speedo!

  5. Jim says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about your fun times with Will!

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