Tiny G-Bangers

I’ve seen some really hot g-string photos around lately.

I’ve owned a couple of g-strings but not many and right now I don’t have any in my speedo/underwear collection.  I think I should change that.

What I’d like is a lycra, thong with a drawstring – anyone got any ideas where I could pick something like that up?

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9 comments on “Tiny G-Bangers
  1. Ben S says:

    These do some gstrings with lycra, those are the only one that ship to Aussie too (That I have seen so far) And can be worn as swimwear or underwear, if you’re being brave hehe 😉

  2. Ben S says:

    (Didn’t post the link sorry haha)http://www.clothestopose.co.uk/mens-swim-g-strings—blue-412-p.asp

  3. Darren says:

    Dave you must have G-strings in your collection. I wear g s 24/7 and have done for 8 years, they are so comfortable and you are ready for anything!!

  4. Darren says:

    Also, I would not say no to either of the last 2 guys, the first guy on the beach is lying there just waiting for me. He has a great arse.

  5. k1speedo says:

    Hi Dave the only G-string I have seen with a drawstring is this one by Bodyaware https://bodyaware.com/product/view/super-power-swim-thong-t116. They call it a thong but its made from nylon/lycra. All 3 of these guys are amazing but I think I like the 3rd one the best but you’re right Darren the 2nd one has a great arse.

  6. Sam Speedo says:

    HOM makes some pretty awesome strings too – checkout the Plume II range. You can pick them up at http://www.deadgoodundies.co.uk

  7. Dr. Phil says:

    Photo #3 here is one of my favorites that you’ve posted of all time, Dave–I’ve had him on my desktop pretty much for over a year after the first time you posted him, I think. (And, if I am not mistaken, I’m guessing he’s Brazilian…)

    BodyAware makes some amazing stuff…

  8. Paolo Monaco says:

    pure Nobility !!

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