Triathlon Speedo

I’m just wondering if anyone has seen a speedo padded like a pair of bike shorts?

I’m thinking of getting an elliptical trainer and using it in the house. Long rides on little bike seats hurt so I figured I’d have to wear bike pants but was wondering if there was a brief option?

If you have any ideas, leave a comment (I do read them all – even the mean ones).

Triathlon SpeedoTriathlete Cycling

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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4 comments on “Triathlon Speedo
  1. Dr. Phil says:

    Yes, I have one that is Speedo brand that I got around 12 years ago…slightly more generously cut than the ones above, and they’re not one solid color, but they’re beautiful, and one of my favorites, to be honest. Perhaps I’ll find them and see if I can’t get an awful grainy photo of them for you! 😉

  2. Eric says:

    I had a couple of those Triathlon speedo suits with a very light pad in them. Most triathlons require a suit with more coverage…so you see lots of “trisuits” now….tho they are hot too….wish they still raced in speedos tho.

  3. Eric says:

    I found a place that still sells a padded suit! Going to get one soon. Their model (with bike shorts tan line no less) is hot!

Let me know what you are thinking.....