Wearing Speedos Publicly

I’m really impressed with this hot asian guy wearing a pair of white Aqux speedos in public!!!

I wonder what country he is in but I think it is awesome.  I wore a pair of white speedos to the public swimming pool back in May (click here to read that post) but it was a one off, there wasn’t many people at the pool and I don’t think I could do it in a more social setting.

What is the skimpiest speedo you have ever worn in public?

Speedos in PublicWearing Speedos in PublicWhite Speedos in Public

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4 comments on “Wearing Speedos Publicly
  1. Guy says:

    A pair of blue HOMs with string sides, on a long weekend swingers sailing boat cruise – small sized and tight so wore them low front and back. The others on board dressed much the same – the guy at the wheel wore something like the Aqux above teamed with dark glasses and a captain’s hat. Felt great, plenty of fucking, even a threesomes competition on the deck one night.

  2. Dave Evans says:


    That sounds hot mate!!! Was it a gay trip of a bisexual trip?


  3. k1speedo says:

    They are tiny alright but this guy has the body for it would love to run in to him at my local pool.

  4. Guy says:

    Dave, it was mostly straight but some bi. I was doing an internship with a resort company a few years ago and one of the bosses invited me to join him and his partner on a sailing boat out of Nassau. I’m not completely naive but it was an eye opener. They were upfront about what was going to happen, but I was young and away from home and didn’t really think about what might happen and who might find out. Just wish I was young and carefree enough to do it again.

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