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Had a few guys ask me about this on MSN Messenger – actually every person I talk to on MSN Messenger who has been on this blog asks me about this.

My laptop has 2x USB connections. I need the first one for the net and the second one I use for webcam or any other peripherals. Now about 6 weeks ago – one of these ports just stopped working. Had it checked out and the guy said something to do with the motherboard and could fix it for like $500 which means cheaper to get a new one – pretty much.

So now I have 1 work connection/port which means I can’t be online and using the webcam at the same time. And right now I can’t really afford a new laptop. If anyone feels like donating a nice new laptop to me – feel free and I’ll be up and webcamming in now time – hehehe.

But don’t worry guys – as soon as I am in a position I’ll get the cam going again and you’ll know about it on here. I normally only know 1 day in advance and I will post it here. When I cam I give out an address for a website that runs the camming software. All the more reason to keep this site in your favourites so you don’t miss out.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

3 comments on “Webcam Shows
  1. DJ says:

    Try using a USB Hub device. Allows you to connect more than one USB device to one port.

  2. Ethan says:

    my problem is my computer is just too slow for a cam! Would be nice though…I have plenty of speedos

  3. msn does not require a usb port says:

    hey dude

    21 year old diver here from Canada. I am into speedos as well and last time I counted had 8 of them. hehehe. I love to order off ebay especially my Adidas suites which i cannot get here in Canada.

    Would love to chat or share pics sometimes.



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