Who am I – Not Les Miserable – Dave Evans

Tuesday 5th April 2005
I’m so excited about my blog – here is my second post within an hour. This might not happen again but ow well.

I think I better tell you something about myself. I’ll try and keep short sentences.

My name is Dave Evans.
My job – primarily I run an adult website dedicated to guys wearing speedos.
My age – I’m 19 (born January 19th, 1986)
Place of birth – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Current address – Okanagan Ski Resort (sorry I can’t mention it incase some of my str8 friend recognize it) but that is in British Columbia, Canada. I’m here on my 12 month working visa (arrived late November and will be leaving here on the 21st of April).

Sexuality – well actually that is what this blog is about. Before I came to Canada I thought I was a bit bisexual (can you even be a bit bisexual???) but now as the season draws to a close I’m kinda thinking that I’m pretty solid bisexual.

Well – that is the first heart to heart that my blog has had. I’m hoping that my blog will be a place where I can reveal my inner thoughts without revealing my address to the plethedude of perverts out there. Ow – I know you aren’t a pervert – yes you  the one who is reading this – but I do promise to tell you all about me and my inner thoughts.

Is there anything else you wanna know? Ask me in the comments link down the bottom – so far no comments so I’ll be excited if anyone actually responds.

And that is enuf for the day – I’ve drunk way too much.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

Let me know what you are thinking.....