Who is speedo’ing it up on July 4th?

Is anyone getting their speedo on in the US for Independence Day?

I hear there is a storm heading up the east coast but Kip tells me that the weather in the Colorado Rockies is gorgeous and he is getting his speedo on.  Not long and he’ll be getting his speedo on here in Australia.

I’ve owned a pair of Australian speedos (I’ll post pics of them tomorrow) but never the stars and stripes…. maybe I should get Kip a pair for him to wear when he arrives.

Alex is pretty keen to hang out with Kip and well… hehehehe.

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7 comments on “Who is speedo’ing it up on July 4th?
  1. beerdoc_colorado says:

    any speedo with a country flag looks great. i will go to my hot tub speedoed up in a few..after a good grilled dinner and margaritas. btw why cant the world cup show their spirit and wear flag speedos ?? david – luiz??

  2. Sam Speedo says:

    wat a great idea, beerdoc . . . all the world cup guys wearing national flag speedos . . . i’m keen to see their tight bulges too . . .

  3. vasy says:

    What most beautiful than a ass…i choose the first one…

  4. cr says:

    The suit worn by the middle guy, the one holding the water polo ball, does anyone now the manufacture? That would be a USA suit I would be keen to wearing (not so in-your-face as the Turbo) regardless of the fact I couldn’t look as hot in it as he!

    Happy post-Independence Day

  5. k1speedo says:

    What a great idea beerdoc all the footballers in speedos instead of those long shorts. That would be awesome. Love the butt in the 1st pic but the speedo in the 3rd pic looks great, it’s 1 that I would wear.

  6. Guy says:

    Pic 1 has got the ass crack just right.

  7. Eric says:

    Hope the ass in pic 1 is also guy 5.

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