Working hard

Some of you guys might have noticed the site was offline for nearly 24hrs yesterday and last night.  Just some server stuff and I’ve been working on getting it fixed and now it is.  Round of applause for me.

I have uploaded my ‘Bath Tub Portsea’ video (it is 5 minutes long and 35 meg).

I’ve got some running around to do today, bank, haircut, groceries and clean this darn house but I’m going to have a very quiet Saturday night.  I’m going to pick up some pizza from Winnies (anyone who has been to Queenstown will know Winnies and how good thier pizza’s are) and spend the night catching up on some blog stuff.  So guys… in the next 8 hours you get to see me in my AussieBum Portsea’s (darn I love those speedos).

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

One comment on “Working hard
  1. adam says:

    I tried a couple of times toget in,but thought you must of had
    problems with your server.Well i have just finsh all my chores
    in the house.So now it time to relax,mmm.
    Anyhow i am sure the guys are waiting,with hot breath to see
    you in your aussie bum portsea’s yummy yummy.
    And hasnt the weather been great in NEW ZEALAND.

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