Wouldn’t mind seeing this wash up on the beach

This masculine guy wearing red speedos is quite the eye candy!!!

Masculine guy wearing red speedos.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

5 comments on “Wouldn’t mind seeing this wash up on the beach
  1. Anonymous says:

    turn over

  2. Anonymous says:

    whered u find this pic? is there more of him?

  3. Speedo Steve says:

    The guy in wet red speedo makes me hard!!

  4. Amositaly says:

    the guy is a chez pornstar named pavel novotny. it’s the same guy on top of the page, the one with the orange speedos. i have lots of pics of him … if you’re interested

  5. nava says:

    hey man..i think pavel novotny is the sexiest man on this earth.
    do uhave an bi pix of him..can u pls reply

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